Terms and Conditions

Last update: 05.04.2021


ROCA Player is licenced by ROCA Player, located at Bucharest, Romania (hereinafter: Licensor), to You (End-User) for use solely under the terms of this License Agreement.

By downloading and upgrading the Software from the Store (as allowed under this License Agreement), you acknowledge that you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this License Agreement and that you agree to accept this License Agreement.

The parties to this License Agreement recognise that Samsung, LG, Google is not a party to this License Agreement and that it is not bound by any conditions or responsibilities, such as warranty, responsibility, repair or assistance, with respect to the Application. The primary responsibility for the approved application and its content rests with ROCA Player app.

This License Agreement does not allow for the application's usage rules that are in conflict with the most current Terms of Service for the App Store. ROCA Player App recognises that it has had the opportunity to review these terms and they do not clash with this License Agreement.

All privileges which are not directly given to you are reserved.


The ROCA Player App (hereinafter: Application) is a piece of software developed for the purpose of enabling users to play media content with a modern user interface with a smooth feel and the latest player. The player enables the user to play content from m3u url playlists there. Allowing users to access pin-activated content and even hide category parts to customise the playlist to suit their needs. The primary use of the software is for clients who use urls from the m3u playlist. This app provides them a forum for displaying the material in the playlist and at the same time the opportunity to watch their channels.

1.1 For the 12 month, which is currently set at 3.99 EURO, the account will be activated for a period of 12 months from the moment of activation.

1.2 Subscription payment will be paid to ROCA Player at the time of purchase confirmation, Subscription will not be automatically renewed.

2. LICENSE Reach

2.1 You can not share or make the Application available to third parties, sell, rent, loan, rent or otherwise redistribute the Application.

2.2 You may not reverse engineer, translate, disassemble, merge, decompile, integrate, delete, alter, combine, construct, adapt, or attempt to extract derivative works or updates from the Application source code, or any part thereof (except with the prior written consent of ROCA Player App).

2.3 You can not copy or modify the Application or any portions thereof (excluding if expressly allowed by this licence and the Use Rules). Under the terms of this licence, the App Store Terms of Service, and any other terms and conditions that apply to the computer or software used, you can build and store copies only on devices that you own or manage for backup maintenance. You can not delete any notices about intellectual property. You agree that no unauthorised third parties can at any time gain access to such copies.

2.4 Violations of the aforementioned commitments, as well as attempted infringements of that kind, may be liable to indictment and damages.

2.5 The licensee retains the right to alter the licencing terms and conditions.


3.1 The Licensor tries to keep the programme updated to comply with new/modified firmware and new hardware versions. There are no privileges given to you to demand such an update.

3.2 You agree that it is your duty to check and decide that the end-user computer of the app on which you wish to use the application meets the technical requirements set out above.

3.3 The Licensor retains the right at any time to change the technical requirements as it sees fit.


4.1 The Licensor is solely responsible for supplying this Approved Application with any maintenance and support services. You can contact the Licensor at the email address specified for this Approved Application in the App Store Summary.

4.2 ROCA Player App and the End-User agree that has no responsibility whatsoever with regard to the Approved Application to provide any maintenance and support services.


5.1 1 You understand that the Licensor will be able to view and change the content of Your downloaded approved Application and Your personal information and that the use of such material and information by the Licensor is subject to Your legal agreements with the Licensor and the Privacy Policy of the Licensor.


6.1 No liability or liability shall be borne by the Licensor for any harm caused by a violation of duty under Section 2 of this Agreement. You are expected to make use of the backup features of the App to the degree permitted by applicable third-party terms and conditions of use to prevent data loss. You are aware that you may not have access to the licenced Application in the event of changes or manipulations to the Application.


7.1 At the time of your download, the Licensor warrants that the Program is free of spyware, Trojan horses, viruses or some other malware. The Licensor warrants that the Application will function as defined in the documentation of the customer.

7.2 No warranty is given for an Application that is not executable on a computer, that has been illegally changed, treated improperly or culpably, combined or installed with inappropriate hardware or software, used with inappropriate accessories, whether by Yourself or by third parties or for some other purpose outside the sphere of control of ROCA Player App that is associated with inappropriate accessories.

7.3 Immediately after downloading it you are expected to inspect the application and notify ROCA Player App of problems discovered without delay by e-mail included in Product Claims. If the defect report has been mailed within a span of fourteen (14) days after detection, it will be taken into consideration and further investigated.

7.4 ROCA Player App reserves the opportunity to resolve the condition either by solving the defect or by replacing the delivery if we confirm that the application is defective.

7.5 You can notify the App-Store-Operator in the event of any failure of the Application to comply with any relevant warranty and the purchase price of your Application will be refunded to you. The App-Store-Operator shall have no other warranty duty whatsoever with respect to the App, including all other injuries, lawsuits, penalties, liabilities, expenditures and costs due to any negligence to comply with any warranty, to the fullest degree allowed by applicable law.

7.6 If the user is an entrepreneur, any fault-based claim expires after a statutory limitation period of twelve (12) months after the user has made the request available. For users who are customers, the statutory limitation periods defined by statute apply.

8. CLAIMS FROM Substance

ROCA Player App and the End-User agree that ROCA Player App, is responsible for resolving any claims of the End-User or any third party relating to the possession and/or usage of the licenced Application by the Licensed Application or the End-User, including but not limited to:

(i) Claims for product liability;

(ii) Any argument that the licenced application does not comply with any applicable legal or regulatory requirements; and any claim that the licenced application does not comply with any applicable legal or regulatory requirements; and

(iii) Claims occurring under consumer protection, privacy, or related laws regarding the use of HealthKit and HomeKit in conjunction with Your Approved Application.


You reflect and warrant that you are not located in a U.S.-subject region. Government embargo, or that was designated by the United States "Government as a nation of "terrorism funding," and that you are not identified in any U.S. List of banned or prohibited parties by the government.

10. Details OF Touch

For general inquiries, grievances, concerns or statements relating to the Approved Application, please contact: support@ROCA Player.com


The licence is valid until it is terminated by you or ROCA Player App. If you fail to adhere to the term(s) of this licence, your rights under this licence will terminate immediately and without warning from ROCA Player App. You shall cease the use of the Application upon termination of the License and destroy all copies, complete or partial, of the Application.


ROCA Player App and the End-User agree that ROCA Player App will be jointly responsible for the prosecution, defence, resolution and discharge or all other intellectual propectors in the event of any third party allegation that the licenced Application or the End-possession User's and usage of that licenced Application infringes the intellectual property rights of the third party, ROCA Player App.


This licence agreement is regulated by the laws of the UE, excluding the rules regulating conflicts of law.

14. MISCELLANEOUS Miscellaneous

14.1 The validity of the remaining clauses shall not be compromised if any of the terms of this Agreement are, or become, null. Invalid terms will be substituted by valid terms constructed in a way that will accomplish the primary objective.

14.2 Collateral arrangements, changes and amendments are applicable only if they are set out in writing. Only in writing will the preceding clause be waived.

ROCA Player application does not include any channels and no information will be provided about where you can get channels or channel packages.